High Quality Custom Tent Designs for Your Event Marketing Needs

Custom canopy tents are useful as promotional materials. Our popup tents make for easy setup and take down at your next promotional event. We know that it takes a lot of effort to stand out from the crowd. The custom tents we offer come with the option of including your brand so that anyone who sees it can notice and remember your business. With a range of tent styles and sizes, we can satisfy all requirements for a business looking for a promotional custom tent for their next trade show appearance.

Our Products: Key Features to Consider

Digital Xpressions prides itself on using only the highest quality materials. That's why our tents are excellent for both indoor and outdoor displays. UV and scratch-resistant, we only use the best when we're crafting tents for our clients. We believe the best way to stand out is to be unique. That's why we offer all our clients the ability to create their own custom tent designs. Not interested in anything flashy? We even offer blank tents for your use as well!

Choose the Frame Option You Want

We even offer a wide range of frame options for our clients, including:


On a budget but still want a high-quality frame? Our economy frames have square legs for stability. These legs have a thickness of 0.04″ and a 1.3″ diameter. They can stand up to 20MPH of wind and are ideal for small displays. They are manufactured of powder-coated steel for strength.


If you’re willing to spend a bit more, our basic option for frames can offer a little more in terms of stability. The legs are hexagonal, with a thickness of 0.04″ and a total diameter of 1.6″. These tent frames are tested to withstand up to 25MPH of wind speed. These are also made out of powder-coated steel.


For professionals, there’s no better option than the deluxe frame. Built from aluminum for strength and portability, the 1.6″ hexagonal legs have a thickness of 0.05″, allowing the deluxe frame to stand up to 30MPH of wind speed. The deluxe frame is the ideal tent frame for an outdoor setting.

Full Printing

If you want your business to make an impact, you should have a full-color printed tent. We offer full-color printing on all tents, with our dye-sublimation technique that gives vibrant, real-life color. These prints are done on 300 Denier polyester fabric that's both extremely smoothand tear-resistant. Since we know you'll want to use your tent for both indoor and outdoor use, we make sure that our materials are both flame and water-resistant.

Our Brand’s Promise to Customers

Here are several things that our tents offer to clients that make them attractive to use at trade shows.

Easy Setup

No more trying to spend hours on tent setup, trade shows are about being efficient, and our tents cater to that. With limited space tents to take up all the usable area that you have, combined with the ease of putting them up and taking them down, they’re perfect for any expo your business wants to be a part of.


Putting together a custom canopy gives you a unique opportunity to sell your business by sight. Vibrant colors through our printing process make that a reality.

Variety of Sizes

Both indoor and outdoor displays need to have enough space to move around in. Our tents come in a wide variety of sizes to offer you the flexibility of a covered location that spans the entire length and width of your tradeshow display. Our canopy tent sizes range from 10×10 canopy tents to 10×20 custom tents for an enhanced trade show experience.

Sides or No Sides

Open-sided or closed sided tents are even more ways for your display to stand out. Not only are these types of displays beneficial for building suspense, but they can even be printed with your own graphics as well.

What Industries Use Custom Printed Tents

With their versatility for both indoor and outdoor use, several different industries have started using custom canopy tents. Among these are:

  • Sports and Outdoor Gatherings
  • Travel Agencies
  • Radio Stations
  • Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Cell-Phone Companies
  • Retail Businesses
  • Game Developers

Overall, the most cost-effective marketing solution that a business has is designing a custom printed tent. Looking for a printed tent that suits your business needs? Contact us today and check out our options to design the perfect personalized tent for your business!