Bring Your A-Game to the Next Event with One of Our Trade Show Booths!

Trade show booths are a chance for your business to express why it matters. In the space of a few seconds, you have to make an impact on a client crossing the floor. How do you do it? The best way is to use eye-catching graphics and a display that'll seize their attention. Digital Xpressions offers trade show displays that will wow and awe your audience, as well as draw them in, turning them from observers into leads.

We offer products that use high-quality materials and the latest technology to bring your brand message across to customers in a simple way. Our displays range in size from four-feet tabletop displays to massive modular displays that can fill any size of area you want them to. We deliver quality to our customers without sacrificing speed, and we can get a custom-designed trade show booth to you in a short time frame. Order from us and see for yourself the quality and speed with which we operate!

What Types of Trade Booths Do We Offer?

Trade show booths come in a variety of types and sizes. We cater to every single type of display under the sun. Here's Digital Xpressions' product lineup:

Trade Show Magnetic Display

Magnetic displays are sleek, curved, and offer some personality to your trade show booth. Our magnetic displays range between 8′ and 20′, and use magnetic channel bars with a bag. We utilize photomural graphic end caps as well as a photomural center panel for high-quality image display. With this product, we even offer free Pantone color matching.

Fabric Exhibit Booths

Portable, yet stylish, these fabric displays set up in a matter of minutes. They come in standard sizes between 6′ and 20′, and are printed using our dye-sublimation technique to ensure that the colors are rich and engaging. You can customize your fabric display to be straight or curved. We offer free Pantone color matching with this option as well.

Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays leap out at the audience and make them take notice. Our tension fabric displays range in size between 6′ and 20′, and are also done using our dye-sublimation printing technique. They are extremely lightweight for easy setup, but sturdy enough to be used convention after convention.

Table-Top Displays

Table-top displays and pop-up booths are ideal for clients that want to stand out but have a limited space to work within. These displays come in 6′ or 8′ options, and come with strong aluminum tubing, sipped inside to make them portable and easy to set up. The displays themselves are resilient, as the inks that we use are waterproof and quite durable.

Smart Fit Tension Fabric Displays

If you need something that offers a complete display booth with all the trimmings to attract your potential customers, the smart fir tension fabric displays are perfect. Boasting such features as an angle backdrop, aluminum snap-tube frame, and portability to make it easy to transport, this option is one of the best that we offer to our trade show clients. There are several types of smart fit tension fabric displays, including:

  • 10ft Smart Fit Series F (Straight)
  • 10ft Smart Fit Series G (Straight)
  • 10ft Smart Fit Series I (Straight)

LED Light Box Display Booth

Nothing is quite as attractive to trade show floor walkers than a digital display that immerses them in the content. These light box display booths come in a variety of sizes ranging from 4′ to 20′.

Modular Displays

Modular displays are perfect for a business that wants to cover their trade show floor, but still offer ease of use with their booth. We offer preassembled graphic fabric panels that are excellent for any trade show display and can be adapted to fit different sizes of expo locations. We provide two types of modular displays, including:

  • H-Line Modular Displays
  • Vector Frame Modular Displays

Truss Displays

Truss Displays are industrial-strength booths that can stand up to almost any sort of environment. They exude creativity and professionalism and are one of the best options for trade-show attendees. Our truss displays range between 10×10 simple displays to massive 10×30 displays that cover much more floor space. They’re simple to assemble and disassemble, and their lightweight hardware makes them very easy to transport as well.
Our custom image displays usually take between seven and nine days to get to our clients.

Selling Your Brand's Uniqueness

Trade booths are the ideal way for your business to build their brand image. With the right marketing images and styles, you can attract the customers you want to while remaining true to your promise to the customer. Trade show booths offer one of the few opportunities for brands to engage directly with their customers, and our trade booths have all the tools you need to get started on that journey.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our trade booth options now and see which one suits your business the best. Choose the leader in high-quality tradeshow booth production. Contact us today!